Saturday, 3 December 2011

Mixed Vegetable Soup


100 grams of Green Peas

100 grams of Potatoes (peeled and cut in small pieces)

100 grams of Carrots (Gaajar) (peeled and cut in small pieces)

½ tsp. of Garlic Paste (Pisa Lehsan)

100 grams of Tomato (coarsely chopped)

100 grams of Turnip

100 grams of Onion (peeled and chopped)

3 Bay Leaves (Tezz Pattay)

6 Whole Black Peppers (Saabut Kaali Mirch)

Salt (to taste)

½ tsp. of Ginger Paste (Pisi Adrak)

1 tbsp. of Butter


Heat the butter in a frying pan then fry bay leaves, ginger paste, garlic paste, black peppers and salt for a one minuteminute.then mix all vegetables and fry for fiveminutes. Add the water and pressure cook on high heat.When the pressure comes reduce heat to medium and cook for another 18 to 18 minutes.Sieve and serve.

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