Monday, 19 December 2011

Special Suji Ka Halwa Recipe

Ingredients Special Suji Ka Halwa Recipe:-

2 tbs. semolina (Suji)
2 tbs. oil
4 tbs. sugar
1/2 cup water
3 green cardamom (Chhoti Ilaichi)
yellow food color (optional)


Put the suji and oil in a pot along with ilaichi seeds and fry until slightly brown on very low heat.
Meanwhile combine sugar and water to
make a syrup.
Add this to the suji taking care not to burn yourself and cook on low heat to desired consistency.
If you want to color the halwa add the color to the syrup before pouring it into the suji.

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  1. Wow mouthwatering and very tasty looking recipe. I will definitely try this at home. Have you tried Pakistani Cooking Recipes I love all Pakistani Recipes and mostly the Keema Paratha by Zubaida Tariq