Thursday, 24 May 2012

Bheja Fry (Brain Masala)

Brain Masala is a very tasty item in pakistani recipes..many people make especially on Eid and summer vaction Bheja Fry (Brain Masala) learn how to make Bheja Fry (Brain Masala).. enjoy Bheja Fry Recipe 


    3 lamb brains
    1 small onion chopped
    1 tomato chopped
    1 big green chilli julienne
    Some water (to boil Brains)
    2 tbspns ghee*/ ¼ cup olive oil
    Some ginger Julienne


    Salt to taste
    4 red chilli pods
    Few cumin seeds
    1 cardamom pod
    ½ tspn dry coriander
    2 dried curry leaves
    ¼ tspn Fenugreek seeds


-Assemble all the spices in coffee/ spice blender and make Fine powder.

-Heat ½ oil or any lard and Fry onions. Add salt and when they are slightly brown, add tomatoes and masala powder.

-Boil brains in hot water and drain the water. Keep them aside.

-Do not add much water, try to cook tomatoes on very low heat. When the tomatoes lose their stiffness add boiled brains in it.

-Mix well and break them into pieces with the stirring spoon.

-Cook well. Add rest of the ghee and stir well on high heat.

-When it gives a cooked look (maybe after 10 minutes), dish t out and serve hot with chapattis.

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