Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Cheese Nuggets Recipe

cheese nuggets is crispy and spicy snacks would be great with a cold glass of pepsi and coke cola..chicken cheese nuggets is my favourite recipe my mom makle daily cheese nuggets at tea time you also try cheese nuggets at home learn how to make chicken cheese nuggets recipe 


1) cheese 4 cubes

2) potato 3

3) chicken 1/2 kg

4) redchilli (powder)

5) chaat masala to taste

6) salt to taste

7) kali mirch (powder)

8) egg 1

9) bread crumb half packet

10) oil for frying deep.

1. first boil chicken and potato and then make minced of both the things.
2. together than add cheese.
3. red chilli and kali mirch ane pinch.
4. salt and chaat masala to tasteand then mix all these ingredients together.
5. then beat one egg.
6.make small sticks of the nuggets and roll these sticks in egg and then into bread crumb.
7. heat the oil in a pan then fry these sticks and serve hot with garlic and chilli sauce.

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