Monday, 14 May 2012

gur ke chawal

Learn how to make Meethay Chawal (Gurr Walay Chawal) ..gur ke chawal  is good for health try this recipe


Rice= 1/2 kg
Badayan Ka Phool (Star Anise)= 1-2
Black Cardamom= 2
Green Cardamom (Choti Illaichi)=2-3
Boil Rice with all the above mentioned
Gurr=1/2 kg
Zafran= 1 pinch
Glazed Orange Peel
Fresh Orange Peel
Fresh Orange Peel(leave it in hot water for two hours then chop it)
Dry 'Maywa'(deesicated coconut,coconut flakes,dry
dates'choaray',almonds,pistachios,raisons,)=250-300 gms


In a pan heat about 2 tbs ghee,add 3-4 black

cardamom,2-3badayan ka phool,2-3 green

cardamom crushed,2-3 cloves(laung).Fry them a

bit.Add Gurr, some water and cook it while stirring

constantly.When it melts add juice of half an

orange.Add a bit of zafran mixed in water.Add the dry

maywa.Mix it thm add the boiled rice.Cover it and

cook on slow heat.Dish out and garnish with chandi ka warq.

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