Tuesday, 1 May 2012

How to make easy Makkai Ki Roti

Makki Ki Roti is served straight off the griddle topped with a dollop of fresh homemade butter! learnd how to make easy Makki Ki Roti?

    * Regular or plain flour 2-3 tbsp
    * Makkai ka ata 1 1/2 cup
    * SaltClick to find more about Salt 1 tsp
    * Water 1 cup
    * Ghee optional 1/2 cup


Take both of flours and add saltClick to find more about salt to it mix them well together..
Start adding water to it slowly and make dough out of it while kneeding very well.

Add 1 tbsp of gheeClick to find more about ghee and make dough which consistency should be medium soft.

Then leave a dough aside for about 1/2 hr
Afer 1/2 hr start making balls out of dough in order to make roti(tortilla)out of it.
Use maki ka ata to roll it smothly in b/w make circle of about 8" diameter.

Put it over hot skillet keep flame low until one side cook thoroughly.

then flip it to other side and cook it as well.

Use of ghee Click to find more about ghee in cooking is optional.

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