Friday, 11 May 2012

mango juice recipe

learn How to make Mango Juice (Aam ka Sharbat)..Its very useful drink in summer i hope every one enjoy this.


Mango(tender juicy) 6 kg
Tomato acid 1 ounce
potassium meta bi sulfate 10 grains
sugar 1 kg
sweet color(yellow) 1 tola
water 1 liter


first wash the mangoes well and also wash the hands well with soapa and clean with the extract the juice of mangoes. and strain it with the fine porous cloth and cover it in the chinaware tray.this juice must be 1 or 1 and a quarter in weight. now take a tray and add water in it and dissolve sugar in it. mix or dissolve well then add tarteric acid in it. mix it well.if it not mix well then heat it or place it on a very low fire.when it becomes cool add juice into it, besides adding potassium meta bi sulfate.dissolve the color into water and in it. Stir all these things with a large spoon to dissolve them. now fill it into bottles and prepare the bottles like Malta or orange squash.

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