Sunday, 27 May 2012

Mango Pickle (Aam Ka Achaar) Recipe

Mango Pickle is indian and pakistani recipe sweet mango pickle recipe is most like punjabies learn how to make easy (Aam Ka Achaar) sweet raw mango pickle recipe.. Mango Pickle is english word in urdu we say Aam Ka Achaar recipe 


• 3 Raw Mangoes (medium sized)

• 4 tbsp Red Chili Powder

• 4 tbsp Mustard Powder

• 3 tbsp Salt

• 200 ml Sesame Oil

• 1 tbsp Methi Seeds (roasted)

• Clean and wipe dry the mangoes.
• Cut them into halves along with the seed.
• Remove the pulp from the seed.
• Dice the mangoes ensuring that the hard shell is there in each piece inside.
• Mix red chili powder, mustard powder, salt, and methi seeds in a bowl.
• Add the mango cubes in this powder and mix them well.
• Take dry earthen jar and put the mango cubes into it.
• Add sesame oil to the mango cubes and mix them well.
• Put the jar in sunlight for 3-5 days.
• Mango Pickle is ready to eat.

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  1. Nice can u convert aam ka achaar recipe convernt in to hindi or urdu..:)i want learn how to make aam ka achaar recipe in hindi