Sunday, 24 June 2012

Clear Shining Skin Tips

  Every women women want appreciate glowing skin..its very can have natural glow on your skin unlike artificial makeups .Tips for glowing skin and soft smooth skin on face are given. Try the natural home remedies for getting a face with a soft smooth and glowing skin.

how to clear shining skin....

1) Drink water about 12-15 liters a day

2) Drink green tea its help in maintaining skin tissues

3) Get fresh air environment rather than in smoky or dusty

4)Don't be in sun for long

5)minimum about 8 hour of sleep

6)Daily exercise in the morning for half an hour it will great for you and you skin.. search place where your lungs can oberved  fresh oxygen -in open ground or park.

7)wash your face and remove makeup before you go to bed at night you can use any cleansing system

8)Fish is great for shining clear skin omega 3 fatty oils that are in fish helps to improve health of skin vegetables and colorful fruits like carrot,pomegranate etc.

9)If your skin is dry use skin moisturiser,it will keep your skin from harmful affect of dirt and bacteria.

10)use multivitamins pills specially take vitamin D pills.

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