Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sekh K Pasady


Pasanday___ 1 kg

Salt___ to taste

Seasoning___ 25 grams

Iron rods___ 1 kg

Red pepper and poppy seed___ 4/4 spoon

Roasted grams___ 125 grams

Ginger___ 2 inch piece

Straws___ 12 nos

Thread and Salt___ as required

How To Cook Sekh K Pasady :

Wash pasanday and add salt, dry papaya white cumin(crushed) and with this add garlic after grinding it.
Leave it for 2 hours. Grind poppy seed, salt, ginger, pepper, grams etc on a slab and after 2 hours add these things into pasanday.
Then tie pasanday like thread int the needle into the iron rods and tie with the threads on the iron straws so that pasanday will be straighten on the rods.
Now heat the rods on the low fire of coals.
When they are red then turn them on the other side. Likewise keep on turning the rods on the fire so that all the parts cook well.
Now red the onion into ghee and then grind it and add yoghurt and again spread it on the rods and again heet it.
In the middle keep on adding the remaining oil of onions so that it will become red well.

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