Friday, 25 January 2013

Gur Wale Chawal


best quality basmati-rIce 1 cup

jaggery (gur) 3/4 cup

basic dried Mixed Fruits 1/3 cup-same as is used in cakes

crushed Coconut 1/3 cup

peeled Almonds 1/4 cup

Butter (makhan) 1/4 of 500 grams block

green Cardamoms 3

How To Cook Gur Wale Chawal :

Put 1 cup water in a pot and put crushed jaggery and let it cook for approximately 5- 8 min.

Wash and put rice in another pot with 1 cup of water and cook.

Melt butter in a pan and when half melted add green cardamom.

All these things should be done side by side.

Now when jaggery has dissolved completely, pour it in the rice cooker, add coconut, butter, cardamoms, dried fruits and peeled almonds as well

When the water of the rice is also dried up and rice are half done, add them in the rice cooker mix them and put on the cook button.

This dish has a very nice aroma its a very tasty,rich and appetizing dish.

The basic ratio in gur ke chawal is: for 1 cup rice use 3/4 cup.

The color of rice cooked with actual jaggery is different from this, but method is the same, Bajia used palm sugar as she couldn't get jaggery from where she lives.

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